Frequently Asked Questions 

How many children do we need to start?

We need a minimum of 10 Children, these can be of mixed age groups of 2-5. 

Age groups and Mixing

The best possible scenario is to be able to split your children into 2 age categories 2-3.5 & 3.5-5. However, we understand that this sometimes is not possible, this is why at Active Beginnings we are committed to sending TWO coaches to all sessions so there are more highly trained and educated staff to identify children that might need a little more help.

Are our Coach’s present while the program is running?

Yes they BOTH are. Active Beginnings always will have TWO coach’s present during all programs at your centre or school. Our trainers are not part of the child to educator ratio so an educator must be present during all sessions (this is a great opportunity to take heaps of photos)


We have made the Enrollment process as straightforward as possible. We create an online registration form that is specific to your centre. This Url can be sent through your communication tool, SMS or emailed to your families. This will outline the price and get the necessary information. 

Throughout the Enrolling process the Active Beginning team will give you updates on numbers and who those children are. If however you need some hard copy registration forms they are available if you need.

Do parents need to re-enrol at the start of each term?

No, once enrolled this enrollment will continue until the end of the year.


Enrollments do not continue into a new year. All enrollments must be re-completed again before Term 1 of the next year. This includes direct debit arrangements.

What if our session clashes with something else?

If you have a clash with our session please let us know ahead of time. We can adjust our time, or we can schedule a catch up session for you at the end of term.

Please notify info@activebeginnings.com.au at least 48 hours before the day of your session as Active Beginnings cannot be held responsible for a session missed if our coaches have turned up but the session can not be completed.

Common examples are : Mother Day Morning Tea, fire brigade , police, dentist, community visit etc.

What if our Classes fall on a Public Holiday

Any sessions that fall on a public holiday are scheduled for later in that term.


Your Centre and Educators will NOT be dealing with any payments…

We make this very clear to all our centres, DO NOT accept any payments. All our payments are done online dealing directly with Active Beginnings. 

We do not accept any cash or cheques so please advise your parents to deal directly with Active Beginnings if they have any questions 

What is Edebit?

Edebit is our Card payment system that allows parents or centres to pay week to week. The use of eDebit, if applicable (now or in the future), and any associated costs are between the card holder and eDebit Pty Ltd.

Weather conditions

Rain At Active Beginnings we take each centre’s circumstances into consideration. If your centre has an applicable area that the children can play safe then we will be there. After a conversation with the Coach’s if it is deemed too wet to complete the session, a catch-up session will be scheduled at the end of term.

HeatDuring hotter months a similar protocol exists to the rain procedure, if an applicable area is suitable for play to stay safe and cool then the program will go ahead. If no area is available then a catch-up session will be scheduled at the end of term. 

At Active Beginnings we will always explore all opportunities to reschedule postponed or missed sessions, unfortunately in some rare scenarios this may not always be possible between each term. 

What if we need to change our session midway through a term?

Sessions are agreed and organised to be completed to a schedule that needs to remain for the duration of that term.

In rare circumstances exceptions might be able to be made. If this conversation is required please contact info@activebeginnings.com.au

What learnings/lessons are being taught each week? Can I see this?

A term program poster is sent to you at the beginning of each term. Should you have not received this please contact us info@activebeginnings.com.au

Weekly session plans observed including NQS & EYLF links are available each week to embed into your daily programming. 

Where can I share feedback or ask questions on Weekly sessions or Term programming?

Email us at info@activebeginnings.com.au We want and value your feedback and the Active Beginnings Coaching Team are always improving and developing (much like our children) to be bigger and better every day.

What happens if a child’s attending circumstances change and a Parent has already paid for the term? Maybe a change of day or they have left entirely?

Parents please contact info@activebeginnings.com.au

Refunds are available for remaining sessions of the term consistent with the cancelation policy. 

Cancellation policy 

If you are to cancel during a term 2 weeks advance notice must be given 

What do I do if our Coaches don’t arrive at the scheduled time?

Sometimes life ‘throws curveballs’ (we love a sporting analogy) and things don’t go to plan. Coaches may be stuck in traffic, or have a sudden accident or illness occur. Please call David on 0432 251 752 to advise and we will do our best to find out what is happening or schedule a make up session if need be.

If you have any other questions, please let us know info@activebeginnings.com.au

Going away during the term?

If you are planning a holiday or to be away for more than 2 weeks and it happens to clash with the Active Beginnings Programs we are happy to either amend your invoice or pro-rata your fees for that term. All you have to do is send the dates you will be away to info@activebeginnings.com.au






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