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Published:6th November,2019



How do we create LOng lasting change foreVEr?

A lot of thought has gone into every aspect of our programming to be consistent with our philosophy. The major question: How do we achieve the ambitious goal of laying the foundations for better long term health outcomes in later life?

What can we do today to help our children tomorrow?

It starts with motivation. How do we motivate Australia’s children not just today, before one of our Academy or FunFit Kidz sessions, but when those same children are in adulthood confronted with much more of life’s competing responsibilities. I hope as adults youre reading this thinking YES I KNOW WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE!

Our answer is LOVE. 

A love of outdoor play and an active lifestyle is what the program seeks to instil in our children. If we can ensure that each and every child finds enjoyment in being active whether its a particular sport or outdoor activity or social game then they will be empowered with this simple lesson: Being active is enjoyable. All these health benefits are just incidental to the pleasure of being outside.

Hopefully along the way this will REMIND YOU! Get out there, your local park, backyard/frontyard or play centre is waiting and your child wants to show off how talented they are.

[link to our philosophy page]