Our Movement

Active Beginnings was established in 2012 with a passionate vision to curb the growing trend of childhood obesity and lifestyle disorders.

With this passion, our FunFit Kidz program was born. A program designed to get kids moving, create exceptional lifestyle habits and develop required skills through both structured and unstructured play.

  • Our programs are all designed by qualified health professionals and implemented to the highest standards by our staff. Each activity is specifically designed to meet and exceed all Australian government guidelines, whilst fostering your child’s enjoyment of the outdoors.
  • We recognise the power of a TEAM and make it our mission to share this opportunity with your child to set the foundation for them to achieve even greater success.
  • Designed by the Active Beginnings Team, The FunFit Kidz program develops fundamental motor skills that will set the foundations for healthy movement in your child’s life.
  • We understand how hard it can be to have your child put down the iPad or get off the couch and television. A key aspect being fun! your child will explore the enjoyment involved in an active lifestyle.

Under the instruction of our qualified staff, your child will be able to express themselves by exploring challenges through movement to instil self- belief, confidence and resilience through play in a safe and positive environment.

A structured syllabus has been designed to teach essential movement and coordination based skills. The sessions achieve this through enjoyable, thought provoking, team-based activities, that not only develop individual health and fitness, but challenge the students on both an intellectual and cooperative level.

In our experience, we have found our children thrive, and see great improvement in four key fundamental motor skills practiced by the end of their first full term with us:

  • kicking & punting,
  • locomotion & balance,
  • throwing & striking,
  • catching & interception.