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Published:12th January,2019



THE STATE OF PLAY for Sydney children and Childcare

12 Jan 2019

The Sydney childcare industry is booming with more children than ever going into Early Childhood Education.

A lot of attention has been placed on Sydney families being more and more time poor and as such Childhood Educators in childcare and Early learning centres have stepped up to the plate (we love a sports analogy) in becoming better at showing value to their children’s families with experiences that lay the foundations for children.

Like anything there are some centres that want to go over and above a minimum standard in recognition of what this can do for their children and their business.

The effects of bringing in experts in any given field equips a centre and its staff with extra knowledge and increases their potential to be at the forefront of early childhood development. Whether this be Dental check up days, Optometrist screenings or visits from our Emergency services these gestures add up to create a serious commitment to the health and well being of a childcare community.

Our expertise is Outdoor Play. In the current Sydney environment, where technology such as iPads and television streaming and families longer hours of work is placing pressure on children’s physical development. This is real and the consequences on a child’s health carry on into adulthood.

The solution, Keep our children’s love for Moving. 

The Active Beginnings Movement has been doing exactly this since 2012 and in this time our FunFit Kidz program has seen children make 300,000+ active steps (and developmental leaps) in play.

Our centre partners who have had the FunFit Kidz program through this time have been able to compliment, and in many cases go far beyond, Munch and Move with highly qualified Coaches (often in fitness and Exercise Physiology) leading their children in fundamental movement and fitness without the children even recognising this. 

“Our children’s love of outdoor play and sport has only gone from strength to strength” Jessica- Childhood Director and Owner. “They make our lives easier”… “I am forever hearing stories from our families of our children going home so excited to share these experiences with their Mother, Father, Brother or Sister to show off all the new games and skills they have newly found. Then we continue to hear about this until we go outside again!”

The crux of the matter, support your children and support the centres that support children.

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